About Traci

My Story

Mentor and coach, Traci Sparling is passionate about many things.

Most importantly, she is passionate about changing and supporting how women see and respect themselves.

Like many women, Traci experienced challenges in life such as extreme bullying, abuse, and more. She was seen as a pretty face that could be easily manipulated, and she often was.

Survival mode and low self-esteem eventually became the partial foundation of choices she made.

Shortly after her life was threatened with a knife held to her throat, Traci decided to live a new life.  She began a soulful journey to unconditional love for herself as well as for others. She chose to leave victimhood and self-doubt behind to embrace self-care, self-love, and self-respect.

Today Traci is a busy mom, grandmother, entrepreneur, and lightworker who coaches women on how to live in a more rewarding, soulful, and sassy way.  Equally comfortable in stilettos as she is on her yoga mat, Traci brings a wealth of knowledge to her present-day work. Her background includes experiences as a brick-and-mortor business owner, executive in the corporate sector, celebrity spokesperson, model, community volunteer and advocate.

As a life-long learner, Traci has also learned from shamans, energy healers, health and fitness professionals, personal development teachers, and attended Co-Active Life Coach training.

Traci takes an intuitive, holistic approach to coaching and helps women build their mind, body, and spirit with deep love and profound self-care. Her personal mantra is ‘love yourself through the process’.

Feedback & Reviews

Meeting Traci has been one of the best things to happen in my life!
She has helped me set goals and given me tools to achieve them while holding me accountable and encouraging me throughout.
She has helped me with body image and confidence, meal prep, organizing my daily tasks, my love life and how to maintain a healthy, strong relationship, assistance with grieving many losses, navigating step-parenting, and so much more.
Traci is non-judgemental, loving and supportive, and always has your best life in mind.


I began working with Traci in 2018 after some unexpected job changes forced me to push out of my comfort zone. I embraced these changes however sought some direction in the way that I wanted to lead my mindset.
Traci emulated these feelings with hours of positive talk, nudging spiritual growth, and our most favorite – experiencing and celebrating some wonderful synchronicities along the way.
I am so happy we began working together when we did as I attribute a lot of unlocked potential, confidence and self honour to our sessions.
I continue to lead my life by many of the things I learned and look forward to working together again sometime in the future.